In this area, you will learn the pros and cons of having a pet hedgehog. Click the links to learn how to properly care for your pet hedgehog.

Hedgehogs as Pets

Hedgehogs can make really great pets for some people and not so great pets for others.  Here are a few pros and cons for you to consider before getting a pet hedgehog.

  • Hedgehogs are primarily nocturnal. Most are a little sensitive to light and don't wake up until pretty late in the evening. They can be a bit grumpy when you wake them up, but most will play a little during the day if you do.
  • Hedgehogs are pretty easy to feed and water, but it's not a good idea to leave them alone for more than a day. If you go out of town, you will need to make sure you have someone lined up to feed & check up on your pet hedgehog daily.
  • A hedgehog cage can be as easy and cheap as using a large, clear storage bin with air holes drilled into it.
  • Most hedgehogs are content to live alone. A pair of sisters can be housed together (if they don't start fighting), but otherwise, it is not always a good idea to keep more than one in a cage.
  • Hedgehogs are not very stinky. We have found that on a good diet, the cage stays clean and stink-free much longer.
  • Hedgehogs are relatively easy to feed. Diet consists of a blend of high quality cat foods and occasional treats of insects, chicken, cottage cheese, eggs, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Hedgehogs are very cheap and easy to entertain. They require a running wheel in their cage. Their favorite toy is a toilet paper tube.
  • Hedgehogs come in all different sizes, colors, and personalities. As good breeders continue to breed for temperament, there are more and more hedgies with friendly personalities. However, it is in their nature to be timid and easily frightened. Some hedgies are more outgoing than others. Some are cuddlers. Some are explorers. Some are grumpier than others. You can try to get a hedgehog to match your personality, but do not be surprised if your hedgie is a bit shy, even if handled frequently.
  • Hedgehogs are spiky and their quills can hurt. Hedgies are not prone to biting (but they can).  When they huffle or ball up, it can hurt to touch them. Because of this, they may not be a good pet for some children.
  • Hedgies do require an occasional bath, and more frequently a foot bath.
  • Hedgehogs need their nails trimmed occasionally.
  • Hedgies are very prone to dry skin and skin mites. Dry skin can be treated with a little olive oil in a warm bath. Skin mites can be treated with Revolution once seen by a vet.
  • We have found that our hedgehogs do best in a temperature range of 73 - 78 degrees Fahrenheit.  To maintain this temperature, you may need to use a space heater, reptile warming mat, or ceramic heat bulb.  It is important to maintain a temperature within this range.
  • It is important to make sure that you have a vet that knows how to properly take care of hedgehogs. Search for a good exotic vet PRIOR to purchasing a hedgehog and PRIOR to having an emergency. Make sure you can afford annual wellness checkups and potential emergencies.

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Client Says

"...Hannah has the BEST temperament! My vet said she has never met a friendlier hedgehog!!!...Thank you for such a wonderful hedgehog!!"

- Becky, new hedgehog owner

Dorman Exotics - Prinny the Hedgehog

Dorman Exotics - Weedle, Chocolate Snowflake Hedgehog balling up