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    Dorman Exotics

     We are a USDA-licensed breeder of sugar gliders and hedgehogs.  Our breeding animals are our family pets and we strive to provide sweet, healthy babies and educate people about how to properly care for their new exotic pets.



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    We enjoyed our first hedgehog, Prinny, so much that we decided to start breeding hedgies.  Our goal is to breed hedgehogs for temperament first and color second.  We are enjoying learning more about the species and keeping them healthy and happy as pets.



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    Sugar Gliders

    We are active in the sugar glider community.  We strive to help educate people about keeping sugar gliders as pets and have a separate website dedicated to just that (although we will be posting more information here as well).  We also have a few sugar gliders that we breed and have various colors of babies available throughout the year.



About Us

We are Ben and Misty Dorman, from Ankeny, Iowa (just North of Des Moines).  Ben works from home as a 3D modeler & animator.  Misty works at Principal Financial Group as an Informatica Developer.  We got our first pair of sugar gliders in early 2008 after we started getting active in the forum, trying to learn everything we could about having them as pets.  We got our first hedgehog in mid 2009, after seeing some at a sugar glider gathering.  We have since expanded our breeding program and even now have lesser tenrecs  as well. In January, 2009, we started a website with our friend Arren, called Sweet Sugar Gliders, where we educate people about sugar gliders as pets.  With Ben working from home, we have also been able to open an online store with sugar glider and some hedgehog supplies.  It has been really neat to find something we love doing and start a small business out of it.  We strive to provide tame and healthy pets for people, as well as make sure that potential and new owners are educated about proper care for these exotic animals.



Client Says

Chewy is doing real good and he is so well behaved just like you said. He made a few sounds this morning while they were playing but other than that he has not made a peep all day. I got him out earlier and he just chilled on my shoulder with me!

- Gregory, Proud New Sugar Glider Owner